My Wedding

Right I have been asked so much about my wedding day so I thought I would drop a few lines about it here.

On July 9th I married the absolute love of my life in a lovely church in Market Harborough, she was the girl that left me over 3 years ago when I was going through my VERY dark ‘Drink & Drugs’ phase. She went to Australia and when I came out of Rehab’ in July 2007 I went to Australia (not knowing if I’d be successful) to get her back! Anyway I digress.

I was as you can imagine nervous as hell that morning (the wedding was at 11:30).. and on the way to the service I was a jibbering wreck, until my bestman told me, “these are feelings you’ll never have again so enjoy the ride”. My God that was awesome and what a ride. We agreed that we would have a very small wedding and we’d have it on a Friday. We invited just 50 people to it.

When I saw Debbie walking up the aisle and I was in bits as you can see…


She looked amazing and was quite simply a vision and something I will never EVER forget, truly stunning. The service lasted for over an hour (a full Catholic wedding) because we wanted a truly spiritual experience even though I don’t believe in everything the Catholic religion says.


After the wonderful service we were married, yes I finally did it and it felt so great! Well, after this we travelled 20 minutes to Rushton Hall and y’know something I have to say that this place was just freekin’ amazing!


Seriously, we visited a few other places beforehand and the moment we saw Rushton Hall we said it has to be here!! From the moment we arrived it was just perfect. All the staff were in a word ‘Amazing’, not stuffy at all and the service we received was out of this world. Everyone commented on how laid back and cool the place was and that was exactly what we were after. So laid back they were that they let us have the outside Courtyard all to ourselves all night as it was the loveliest day weather wise of the year so far…


So onto the food… I swear to you that I am not making this up, maybe it was the fact that they were only cooking for a small number but the food was exquisite, so good it was that there were so many comments about it…

Quite simply Rushton Hall for a venue has it all, from the views for pictures, excellent friendly staff and magnificent food… can you tell I was (and am still) impressed?

My good friend Paul Martyn supplied the music and there were of course no problems there, he was ace as usual… we even had our ‘first dance’ outside in the Courtyard before we were officially supposed to have it… oh the renegades we were!

All in all there was not one single hitch in any part of the day… and a bloody huge well done to everyone who came and everyone who made our wedding day so bloody brilliant!

We stayed at Rushton that night and who say’s that you’re too tired to do anything on your wedding night…. I’m glad our room had thick walls!.. Errrrr, cause I was shouting for joy you dirty minded thing!!!

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