The quotes (some from people he has coached, some not) are from those who agreed to have a starring role on this website!

Robin is passionate about radio and is a great performer on air. He’s sharp and witty and brings with him a great understanding of what it takes to cut through on air. RAJAR went up to its highest ever levels under his auspices at Star Radio in the North East. He is one hell of a talented guy.” William Rogers – CEO, UKRD (Oct’ 2013).
“… the radio station had a record audience under his guidance and if the right opportunity comes along I’ll be hiring him again! He’s lost his looks though.” Phil Angell, Group Programme Director, UKRD (Nov’ 2013).
“I will only invest in this company if Robin stays a part of it.” Peter Jones – BBC Dragons’ Den, August 2008.
“… he’s a maverick and I like him.” Theo Paphitis – BBC Dragons’ Den.
“Not all presenters are mad … only the good ones!!! I have been a fan of Robin Banks for over 3 decades dating back to his times on the Voice of Peace in the late eighties. Robin is a radio original and responsible for some of the most enjoyable radio I have heard. He has certainly had his ups and downs and I’m so glad he is currently his sorted and sensational best.” Mark Story – Radio Consultant (Ex-MD Bauer/Emap, Ex-PD Virgin Radio).
“Robin Banks is a strange old sod. In first meeting, he’s jack-the-lad and most definitely full of it.
As a Producer one worries that energies will be wasted on soothing egos rather than the all important job of creating a top notch programme Very quickly however, one becomes aware that Robin is absolutely on the money as a VO artist and brings to a programme that extra dimension of editorial expertise. His demeanour in the booth is spot on. Not only does he possess a wide vocal dynamic, he’ll not leave the studio until both he and the producer are absolutely certain they have the take. He has become the voice of Mythbusters, one of the most successful Discovery brands and can deliver a vast range of styles, inflected with a great sense of energy or, in the case of Dirty Jobs, voiced with a strong factual delivery. He’s a star to have in the studio. From mixers to runners to producers, everyone loves having Robin in the house. And at the end of the day, a programme is better for having his voice and talent associated with it. Well done son.”
Joseph Schneider – Supervising Producer, Discovery Channel UK and Europe.
“Robin is one of the most compelling, creative and cocky c***s I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with… seriously though; Robin is an ideas powerhouse – a lot of radio people have good ideas but Robin knows how to deliver them effectively on air and how to create a lasting and impactful connection with his audience.” Richard Wilkinson – Ex-BBC Radio 1, ex-PC Ocean FM, Forth One, Beat 106. Now consultant for Republic Communications, Australia.
“It takes the average person less than 15 minutes to recognise Robin’s exceptional talent and passion for radio.  I truly believe that he possesses one of the sharpest radio minds in the industry.” Craig Wallace KNDD-FM, Seattle & Sales and Marketing Manager, ReelWorld Productions, Seattle (ex-Clyde 1, Glasgow).
“Robin has a deep insight into how and why people listen (to radio). He presents his ideas in an easy to understand and straight forward way, enabling each broadcaster to take on board his concepts and flower them with the individuals own unique personality.” John Walsh – Presenter, European Klassic Rock (EKR).
“Robin is at the cutting edge of UK radio, I rate him so much, that I did everything in my power to steal his producer off him. Anything to weaken his position… I’m actually so grateful as now I have a new radio wife, who was broken in by Robin. When I say broken in, I mean professionally, and not over the desk… or under it.” ‘Big John’ Harrison – Breakfast Presenter, Hallam FM.
“I cannot recommend Robin enough. Our Radio Courses are lottery funded and everyone is thrilled with the results and dedication he has shown  with some particularly difficult students! His way with the students is amazing and they always come out delighted. Thanks for all your hard work we look forward to working with you again soon.” Dave Miller – Chairman, Superstation Orkney.
“I started my radio journey in a big radio group and had been told how I should sound from day one. Now after just three sessions with Robin, I  find new ways to do the normal stuff different to everyone else. I am no longer the bloke on in the background. I am a radio star in the making. All thanks to Robin’s honesty, experience and the persistence to see me succeed that he has.” Anonymous 1 to 1 Client – Major UK Radio Group.
“Every day is a new adventure with Robin Banks. He is creative, energetic and always looking for what’s new.  Working with Robin is a two way process and he’s totally unique.” Colin Paterson – Ex-Leicester Sound PC. Ex PC, Red Dragon FM. Now BBC Scotland.
“If you want to be a success in radio then of course you should learn from people who have been hugely successful. Robins an idea’s man, he can help you turn your generic boring bit’s into great radio and make your best bits brilliant.” Keith Cunningham (PPI Multi-Gold Winner) – Ex Today FM. Now Programme Director & Breakfast Show Presenter, RED FM, Cork.
“I was hoping to leave my training with Robin Banks with at least 2 or 3 hints, when in fact I left with at least 50.” Paul McKenna – Head of Music, FIVE FM.
“Robin was there at the very start of my radio career giving me useful advice on link structure and style and, along the way, has been great to work with. I don’t know anyone like him in radio, or indeed outside of it!” Darren Spence – Ex Signal 1 and Heart. Now Juice FM Liverpool.
“During the last two years of my degree in Media Studies and Production, Robin lent his great industry knowledge and insight to my academic work while adding his unique take on things and Robin Banks style of humour to my practical work providing me with endless ideas and inspiration. Needless to say, with Robin on my side, I managed to score a first class degree, plus two prizes for best overall performance.” Alice Watkyn – University of Ulster.
“A true radio inspiration, his track record speaks for itself. He is among the top really creative, professional and highly skilled broadcast professionals that I know anywhere in the world. If everyone had the same professionalism and enthusiasm as Robin then radio would be ten times better. He is a great coach enabling you to do what you always wanted to.” Enda Caldwell – Real Radio, Dublin.
“Finding new, exciting and genuinely entertaining talent is no easy job these days.  With Robin we have everything but the ‘new’! Robin bounced into our offices full of energy, passion and ideas so infectious it was hard not to have him on the air…  Robin remains as exciting and genuinely entertaining as he always has been, and will prove that what goes on between the songs is what wins the battle… And if he doesn’t well… Er… we’ll automate.” Paul Kaye – Ex Programme Director, BRMB. Now Operations Manager Newcap Radio, Canada.
“Robin has been great to work with and has made my job as producer a lot easier with his professionalism and unique voice, although he does DEMAND fresh, room temperature watermelon at every session. Bloody talent!” Nigel Janes – Producer, Discovery Channel Europe.
“I was told he was going to be a nightmare to work with, when in reality he’s great and so down to earth, he’s so nice on and off the radio and really taught me a lot… all that said he is still a ‘butt-munch’ in my eyes though.” Michelle Mary Mustard – Breakfast Producer, Leicester Sound, now Hallam FM.
“A unique presenter bursting with ideas and talent, supported by a mad passion for Radio that bursts out as soon as the Mics go live and  easy going to work for too!” Adam K – Breakfast Producer, Kiss 100 London.
“You just have to look at Robin’s cast of characters (all listeners) from his Beat 106 days to see how he serves up a unique show! ‘Stud Stevie’ – a perma tanned ladies man who thought he was God’s gift, ‘Extreme Fan John’ – who listened to every minute of every show and then gave marks out of ten, ‘Ricky’ – who had his teeth wired together so he couldn’t actually talk, The ‘Two Blind Boys’ – who became film reviewers, some singer called ‘Darius’ whom Robin snuck into the Popstars auditions, ‘Spikey’ whose job was to wake up Celtic football players by playing trumpet outside their bedroom windows… and loads more.
No wonder the audience went up 66% in 6 months. Robin knows how to engage, how to spin something to avoid predictability, how to get a reaction and how to get under the skin of the competition.”
Euan McMorrow – Ex-Breakfast Show, Beat 106. Now Programme Controller, Radio City, Liverpool.
“If there was a category for insane but brilliant, Robin Banks would take prime position. He has no fear, no limit and no end of adventure. I have worked with Robin as a Programme Controller at XFM and to this day I have never found another one like him. I remember he came to work once for a show dressed in a black leather outfit that seemed right for a sadomasochist bar but not a radio studio, but true to form Robin was always in character for his part in the radio stunt. He puts more into one show than most do in a lifetime!” Andrew Phillips – Ex-XFM PC. Now Media Consultant.
“I’ve been in this business for over 25 years, worked all over the world and pretty much seen it all. Believe me, commercial radio is full of mediocre crap sound-alike DJ’s. And Robin Banks is no exception. No, wait – sorry.  He IS an exception! Seriously, he’s one of the best I’ve worked with, which by definition makes him one of the best that I’ve heard anywhere in the world.” Geoff Holland – Ex PC Virgin Radio UK. Now Group PD Virgin Radio International.
“I have to give Robin my highest praise, he worked his way to the top of the business at a very young age. He delivered amazing audience figures. He has been there and done it. I admire his great talent and the fact that he is now coaching others. Radio needs more people like Robin Banks.” Paul Kavanagh – Ex-PC Atlantic 252. Now Radio Consultant.
“Robin Banks is one of the VERY few remaining talents left in this game we call broadcasting. His ideas and creativity are 30 years ahead of the rest of us. Some say jocking is dead. He’s the defibrillator!” Neal Veglio – Jack FM.
“Sometime ago I nearly employed Robin once…now I can’t get him to take my calls.” Gordon Davidson – Ex-Kerrang PD. Now CN Group PD.
“Robin showed me even the basics can be sensational and his advice helped take my career in a direction I’d never dared dream about. His enthusiasm for great broadcasting is infectious.” Colin Kelly – Presenter, Clyde 1 and STV, Scotland.
“I met Robin first in a shop in June 2007, within just nine hours I was enthralled with his infectious enthusiasm and thought processes that I had to get him involved with my ideas. His boundless energy and ability to think ‘Out of the Box’ really helped me see ‘Inside the Box’ with the Tiny Box Company! I have to truthfully say that I have gained a surrogate brother and friend for life.” Rachel Watkyn – Tiny Box Company Founder (September 2009).
“Robin has a fantastic funny, cocky personality that has you laughing out loud! He is extremely encouraging and has a lot to offer… if you were to compare him to a snooker player then he’d be the one that can show you trick shots you’ve never even seen before!” Carl Kinsman – Head of Production, Cool FM.
“Robin is a real influence and a great teacher. He is nothing short of a radio legend!” Laurence Scott – Future Radio.
“I’ve never met a presenter who cared about their work – or redefined creativity – more than Robin. By turns charming, engaging and infuriating he’s one of the great talents of his generation.” John Collins – Ex-Beat 106 PC. Now Radio Lecturer at Reid Kerr University and Radio Consultant, Scotland.
“Robin showed me even the basics can be sensational and his advice helped take my career in a direction I’d never dared dream about. His enthusiasm for great broadcasting is infectious.” Colin Kelly – Presenter, Clyde 1 and STV, Scotland.
“A great communicator, who is entertaining, inspiring, and non- threatening.  If you want your passion reignited for on-air, he’s got the rocket fuel to get you started.” Olga Kaye – Cool FM.
“Robin has a great way of teaching you without making it seem like actual teaching, and he was good fun to be around. I’d recommend his course to anyone interested in working in radio, as long as they can stand Robin’s unique sense of humour!” Craig Horton – Lottery Funded Radio Workshop Attendee Aug’ 2009.
“Robin really is a breath of fresh air and a unique talent. He knows ALL the tricks of the trade and has the experience and industry insight to make any radio presenter better at their craft. His limitless energy and enthusiasm make him a real pleasure to work with. If you don’t learn something valuable from Robin you really aren’t listening hard enough.” Wayne Clark – Head of TXmediasuite Show prep service.
“He helped me so much from the start. He taught me how to stand out from other presenters on the radio! With out his help I genuinely don’t think I’d be where I am now.” Matt Spokes – Presenter, Ex Galaxy FM.
“Robin took an ordinary guy, a listener at that, (that would be me) and turned his life around. After 10 months in a hospital radio station, broadcasting 1 hour a week, I was offered a position at Virgin Radio Dubai. Not just that, I was the second person on air since the station launched.  Not only had I been offered a professional gig at a brand named station, but it happened to be in the most luxurious city in the world, along with a paycheck TRIPLE what I had previously been on…..and TAX FREE! His teachings have given me a whole new life in broadcasting, I am finally in a comfortable position in my life, and I can say I am HAPPY!” Ali Mak – Virgin Radio, Dubai, Virgin Radio, Lebanon
“No-nonsense and great to work with. With great advice on offer at every turn, I don’t think I could have the confidence to take my radio show that step further if it wasn’t for his encouragement, experience and advice.” Sam Turner – Breakfast Presenter, Superstation, Orkney, now BBC.
“Robin lives and breathes radio.  It is this passion that has propelled him to the cutting edge of his industry; you won’t find a more creative or innovative talent on the airwaves.  You can’t predict what he’s going to do next, just hold on tight and enjoy the ride.  To boot, he has a heart of gold and is an absolute pleasure to work with.” Nigel Forsyth – 6th Vision, Managing Director.
“Our marketing campaign and company required a complete overhaul and we enlisted Robins’ services. He brought with him boundless energy and enthusiasm for the task, rebuilding our website, creating new marketing objectives and broadening our target market. Within a few months his work paid off with more enquiries and clients than we had ever had.” Nicholas Kenny – Director and Owner, Rehab in Spain.