Here’s some Free Tips to help you on the radio or in whatever stream of broadcasting you are in:

Here’s some free radio and podcast video tips… in bite size chunks that we recorded over at Music Radio Creative.

1> Using Positive Language.

2> Don’t Bloody PANIC!

3> Make An Entrance Would Ya!?

4> Try Not To Say This EVER.

5> Laughter And Tears.

6> Make Memorable Moments.

7> Get A Life.

8> Handling The Off Days.

9> Social Media For Radio Hosts.

10> You’re A Brand!

11> It’s Easy Being On The Air Or Podcasting.

12> Just Be Good.

13> Recorded Phone Calls.

14> Interview Tips.


16> Just Tell A Story.

17> Have You Got An Opinion?

18> Answer Your Damn Phones!!

19> Keep A Note.

20> Using A Prep’ Service.

21> Testing Out Your Material.

22> Do You Prerecord ALL Calls?

23> Doing The Boring Stuff.

24> How To Be Great… Easy.

25> It’s About The ‘Zone’ Man… The ZONE.

26> When To Use Your Best Bits.

27> Spare A Thought For The New Ones.

28> Be Warm And Fuzzy… Sometimes.

29> Why Do You Like Your Friends?

30> Opinions of Listeners

Bloopers Take 1.

Bloopers Take 2.