How would you feel about growing your audience, becoming more memorable and killing your competition?

You have to answer “yes please Robin” to that!!

Robin works with the “big players” and also has a number of smaller clients on his roster.

So, why don’t you get in touch to discuss whatever you need, whatever your size… you never know where it’ll take you.

What happens when you hire Robin?:

Depending on what you require, Robin will advise and suggest ways for you to improve:

  • Standing out in your crowded market.
  • Morning Show cut through (including roles and benchmarking).
  • Music policy.
  • Strategy
  • Killing the competition!
  • CUME sampling and building your loyal core audience.
  • Imaging.
  • Knowing your listener (and more importantly knowing that you will never TRULY ‘know them’).
  • Building emotional connection.
  • Making sure every platform (Facebook, Twitter etc) is ‘saying the same thing’. It’s amazing how many stations don’t!!
  • Building a real Programming Strategy.
  • Making the audience talk about you.
  • Engaging content.
  • Show prep that works.
  • Promotions that work.
  • Marketing
  • Ongoing advice for your stations air talent.
  • Be on hand for immediate advice for any station related matter.
  • Making the audience REMEMBER they listened to you!

Please take a moment to read this, it will save you time and money:

Before you ever shell out your ‘hard-earned’ for ANY course, training or consultancy ask yourself; “is the person who will be training me making a lot of money from what they are teaching, or have they ever got to the top of their game”?

 Seriously, it’s that easy!

If the answer is “No” then watch out because they are probably just after your cash, spouting the same ‘failure blueprint’ that sees them now trying to relieve you of your money and time. Seriously you would not believe how many so called Radio Pro’s there are with no discernible track record setting up radio courses and offering consulting… whether you spend your money with Robin or whomever, ALWAYS ask yourself the above question first – and do your homework!